About Us


Jaipur Earth Developers Pvt. Ltd. is founded by Mr. Neeraj Sharma & Mr. Pradeep Nehra. With experience of over 20 years in field of project conceptualization development and execution in India and abroad. This organization is started with the vision of providing Indian Art and traditions with modern technology. The aim of the organization is to develop township, farms and resorts which are based on Indian values like health, serenity, freshness and facility.

We aim in providing best in infrastructure facility with all amenities which also fits in budget. Also it should not be just another investment but investment with regular returns and exponential growths thus we don’t just sell land but we sell and build concepts.

We use the technology which being appreciated not only in India but in abroad by our clients and investors. Our research wing is work delicately to develop such products which are highly technical but are blended with tradition. To best justify us our motto is “Where Tradition meets Technology.”

Experience in project conceptualization development
Elegant Architecure
tantalising tropical-inspired décor

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